website is a payment system that is designed specifically for people in Russia and the CIS countries. It combines all of the most well-known payment systems and is popular among the users. With website customer can pay for any goods and services in the online stores, payment of mobile communication, internet, traffic police fines, online, update your account at the casino or to withdraw your winnings, etc.. similar to the payment system WebMoney, but has a simpler conditions for registration.

To open your account with website need to start through a simple registration procedure. Visit the official website of the company, fill out a simple questionnaire. When filling it, pay attention to the fact that before the memo to use e-mail as login stood checkbox. Specifying the address of the e-mail box, and come up with a personal password, you must confirm the login. For this to e-mail will email with a link where you want to go to activate the account. In addition to the reference in the letter will be the user ID (the login name) and security code, you want to confirm.

Once registration has passed, you can create virtual wallets. They can be opened in four different currencies: Russian rubles, euros, U.S. dollars and pounds sterling. The user can at any time to change the currency of the account. In addition to his work exchange, where you can convert currency.

Customers can recharge a variety of ways: bank transfer , WebMoney , Yandex , the banking system Bank24ru, ATM VTB24 Telebank online system, etc.

To withdraw money from your account, you can use the following methods:

- With the help of CONTACT;

- Payment of the ruble purse Yandex. Translation occurs instantly, but for users who were not personified, a conclusion can be made only on the wallet, from where this happened deposits;

- Payment of the ruble, dollar, euro wallets in WebMoney. Translation occurs instantly, but for users who were not personified, a conclusion can be made only on the wallet, from where this happened deposits;

- By bank transfer.

To update your account, you will have to pay a commission. Its amount depends on the payment system through which occurred reinforcements. Most malelkaya commission Webmoney - 0.8%, the most expensive in Yandex - 4.5%.

For the withdrawal of commission varies from 2 to 3% of the payment amount.

Convenient is the fact that website does not require downloading. To start using the system, do not need to install on your computer software. Access to purses is through a single interface.

All users website are divided into two categories. First chose not to report a lot of information and have not been tested individual. The second category includes personalized customers. Of course, the latter receive more privileges. For example, it is available to deposit via bank cards of international level.

Users need not worry about the safety and privacy of their data, as this payment system uses the latest in security and encryption. Each payment is issued through, can be further protected with a protection by time or code. The recipient can get a money order only in the case of the introduction of code or after the expiry of the time period. And keep in mind this caveat, that the use of patronage in time translation can not be returned to the sender.

In website running support, which can be accessed in the event of questions or when technical problems. Contact the support can be via email or by phone in Moscow +7 495 7434985. website - a convenient payment system, which is enjoying increasing popularity.

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Date: 2009-08-20


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